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Our story begins over forty-five years ago, when our Founder & CEO Austen Zecha started his first advertising agency in Hong Kong in 1971, PTM Communications (known today as JWT). In fact, Austen has since set up and sold 11 agencies in Southeast Asia, including the former DMB&B, Landor & Associates, Edelman Public Relations, DFS/Saatchi & Saatchi Compton, and TBWA\Worldwide.

In 1994, Integrated Strategic Communications was founded.


In 2012, after a 10-year TBWA-ISC joint venture from 2001 through 2011,

ISCI was then reactivated as ISC Innovators, an independent,

full-service strategic communications agency.


And we’ve continued to create, communicate and innovate ever since.

Our Malaysian Legacy since late-1974:

► PTM Communications/PTM Thompson 1974-1976
► AMC 1976-1982 (the then Dentsu representative agency 1977-1980)
► Saatchi & Saatchi Compton 1983-1993
► Edelman Public Relations 1983-1993
► DFS-AdStation 1985-1987 (before becoming part of Saatchi & Saatchi Compton in 1988)
► Integrated Strategic Communications 1994-2000
► TQPR Asia-Pacific 1994-2000
► TBWA-ISC 2001-2011
► Tequila-Myalo 2003-2011
► Wizard Media Dynamics/OMG 2008-2011
► ISC International 2012-?


We have a proud history in Malaysia, having won over 120 local and international awards for creativity and marketing effectiveness in all major industry categories since our beginnings in 1974. 

Our track record of building and growing local agencies for multinational joint-ventures is unparalleled. To date, we have developed 11 agencies to become regional leaders, from Hong Kong to Indonesia. Our expert, extensive network of business allies and associates in Asia-Pacific and beyond provides a resource platform that few agencies of our size can equal.

Our collective industry experience of over 260 years encompasses 50 PR and advertising agencies, 30 international brands, 22 leading Malaysian brands, and 9 regional launches for multinational household names – and counting. We are perhaps best known for our conception and work on the multi-awarded “Malaysia: Truly Asia” international campaign for Tourism Malaysia, quadrupling annual visitors to Malaysia and quintupling annual tourism earnings for the country in the campaign’s first 12 years.


"Some men look at things the way they are, and ask why?

I dream of things that are not, and ask why not?"
- Robert F. Kennedy


Wise words from the great U.S. Attorney General and Senator, Robert F. Kennedy.
Wise words which our founder, Austen Zecha, helped RFK conjure, while serving as his speechwriter.

Wise words which still form the core of ISCI’s philosophy today.


We’re a boutique agency with a big heart. Our recent independence allows us to take a serious and personal interest in our clients' business. We’re shareholders, not just suppliers. Sounds clichéd, but we’re a family here at ISCI (some of us actually by blood).

Our tightly-knit team has been making things happen in the Malaysian marketing scene for many years and we have the battle scars to prove it. We’re a steely core with a soft edge; friendly when we want to be (which is always) and fighters when we have to be (which thankfully isn’t as often).

And by remaining lean and mean, we keep our costs down for clients.

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